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What is Arion Coin?

ARION Coin is a community created Coin. Open Source, peer to peer, decentralised, InstantSend transactions, PrivateSend, Masternodes. Our current members are from the original community of Mutual Coin. At the beginning of January, after having done very well on www.coinsmarkets.com, Mutual Coin’s Developer and Main Staking Pool Manager left the community without a trace. The community was left in chaos. To make matters worse the only exchange it was listed on crashed and went offline. This left a massive amount of Mutual Coins on the exchange, which to date, are un-accessible and unable to trade.

Out of this Chaos, the ARION Project was born. The community joined forces to start working together and collaborating with combined skills with an intent to re-establish the original theme of a community based investment project. Voting was started on every aspect from Logo to Coin specs on  “what would you want from a great coin?”

With the help of a Well-known and Trusted Team, ARION was developed to be a High-End, High Value coin with a sustainable ARP and long-term investment in mind.


Masternode Coin
Arion Coin X11
Dark gravity Wave Retargeting algo
Block reward = 27
Algo: X11 (Dash)
Block time: 2 min
Tx Maturation: 10 blocks
Split: 75%MN / 25 POW
MN Collateral: 5,000 ARION
Min age: 8 hours
Max age: 48 hours

new coins

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Coins on exchanges will be swapped – Coinexchange.io on the 31 May 2018
And Crypto-bridge 28th May 2018 please check discord for confirmation of swap

A new code was needed to eliminate the errors found in the previous wallet. Velocity proved problematic in its choices on whether to reward stakers or masternodes. Mining was also increasingly difficult and would often leave the machines spinning their wheels and earning nothing.

The new version has a more stable base in the code and has removed staking allowing mining and masternodes to remain.

How to Buy and Sell Arion Coin

Download the wallet HERE

This allows you to securely store your ARION Coins on your desktop or server. Always encrypt your wallet. If you need a VPS click here

Send ARION to your wallet

Once you have downloaded and synced your wallet you can start staking your rewards. Keep your keys secure and always ensure you make backups

Send/Receive with the wallet

The process to send ARION Coins is simple. All you need is the recipient ARION Coin address and then specify the amount you want to send. After confirming the amount and address, Click Send

PrivateSend and InstantSend

Send private encrypted messages from one wallet to another

For convenience and to help manage your portfolio ARION helps you to do the following

Quick links to our 
Social Media
Quick links to website and social media
Top performing coins 
To see the top performing coins of the day and then it will search for where they are listed so that you can investigate further
Your Personal 
Portfolio Page
real-time monitor
Your personal portfolio page allows you to add your coins you already own and then in real-time monitor their progress and values


Nikita & JimmySoap

Nikita & JimmySoap

Community Leaders and Project Coordinators


Masternode Support and Administrator
Martin Mizzell

Martin Mizzell

Lead Developer


Bot Developer and Presale Administrator


Mobile Application Developer


Web Developer

Who makes up the Team?

Community Leaders and Project Coordinators – @Nikita#8669 & @JimmySoap#5518
Lead Developer – Martin Mizzell – Martin#1709
Bot Developer and Presale Administrator – Lionz – Lionz#8010
Website Developer – ThePopeZA#7857
Mobile Application Developer – Lucius#7179
Mining Pool Administrator –  Gloomik (yiimp.gos.cx)#2222
Masternode Support and Administrator – thePridge#5324
Masternode Support community support and tutorials – XeZZ#4714
Marketing Guru’s – Mike-crypto doji with Zoras#9628
Community Support – Crypto Crow#1799

Special mention:
@CryptoGoals#7575 – Creator of ARION Logo
@jmccalip#7429 – Creator of the name ARION
@33lover33#0820 – You-tube support

Feel free to message us at any time – we are active on Twitter, Facebook and Discord. We use the Discord channel as our main support area. Please reach out to us here if you need help!

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