Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you can find commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

The rewards have been reduced to curb inflation. We also activated some “tech” needed for the next wallet update to incorporate the mobile wallet. We also activated the voting mechanism to be able to vote on future budgets and project ideas. The Port restriction has also been removed to ensure that you can use more than one Masternode and a VPS. To download the new version of the wallet you can click on this link https://github.com/arioncoin/arioncoin/releases

5000 Arion Coins are needed to make your masternode

Download the official Arion masternode setup guide here: Download Now!

You do not need to add a peers file or nodes to the wallet, as it is hard-coded into the wallet code and should sync automatically

There are a number of service providers available you can use the link below to access Vultr Hosting services


Yes, with the new wallet version you can now add more than one masternode to a VPS. It is however recommended to always do a fresh install to make sure that it doesnt conflict with any other masternodes you may have on the server already